After deauthorizing SketchUp Pro 23 to make way for SketchUp Pro 24, unable to engage Pro 24

After deauthorizing SketchUp Pro 23 to make way for SketchUp Pro 24, I continue to get stopped–“you have exceeded your license”–and shortly, “you are offline.”
I have been in touch via email with Pro Support, but since I have not heard back from them as of this morning, I fear I may lose the weekend. I have a case number: 10661574.
Here is my plan and I ask the Forum if these are the right next steps. I have one license loaded on desktop and laptop Macs (Sonoma 14.4.1). I plan to put both SketchUp Pro 23 and 24 in the Trash and the Empty the Trash. Restart both computers. Go to to download SketchUp Pro 24 and then reinstall.
Is there anything wrong about the plan? Please advise.

If you have an active plan, log out and closed down of all SU versions that might be open and then go to the account management portal.

Once signed in, go to My Products > View Included Applications > SketchUp Pro … select Manage Devices > Deauthorize ALL.

Launch SketchUp and sign in. Hopefully this will get you up and running :slight_smile:

Thank you, Chris. That’s what I did after I got blocked–to no avail. One thing that may be in the way: In the wee hours the other day, I received two emails. First a do-not-reply saying my license had been revoked; contact SketchUp account administration. The second was from the Support Pro person I had been emailing and receiving replies from, saying we’re sorry this is happening. I have not heard back from my correspondent, so it may be that the revocation is still in place until that person lifts it. I take it that SketchUp is closed on the weekends. Thanks again. Sam Harrison