After 7 years work i get this on trying to save my model

Cfileexception 13 >… any idea why 7 years work on this model and when i add to it and try and save i get this message

No idea what it means. Does Save As or Save Copy As produce the same error?

Are you sure it was Cfileexception 13 and not 3? The Microsoft documentation page doesn’t show any error value for 13… 3 means “bad path”, i.e. the save location doesn’t exist

Yep everything seems to give this : save as : save a copy …bit terrifying …hhhh been on with this model for 6 years now. Adding bit by bit. A recreation of my home town as it was in 1900 and 1950 … And just recently when I have gone to add some new detail …I get this

Yep defo CFileException 13

Are you saving to a local hard drive on your machine? Don’t save direct to Dropbox or cloud storage or network drive.

Alwys saved to a unique thumb drive and updated to there …for safety

No offence, but it’s not that safe. Thumb drives won’t cope with as many writes as a hard drive. Save to your hard drive and back up to your thumb drive occasionally plus your other backups to HDs, cloud, CDRs, etc.

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Sorry you’re having this issue, losing work is terrible.

Just to be safe, make sure your thumb drive has sufficient free space, even if you’re trying to use “save-as” to save to a different location.

I also recommend checking for a backup copy or an autosave copy (these will be in the same directory as your original file). Hopefully you won’t lose much work.


Can you open another instance of SU then copy and paste into a new file?

If you have components, can you r-click on the component and do a Save as for the component?

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