Advice creating 3D Fishing Worms

I am a rookie in Sketchup and am trying to expand my use of new tools. I want to begin modeling plastic fishing lures, but the ridges I desire are giving me issues. I think the tool I want is the Bezier curve tool to do these ridges, but I can’t figure out how to make new points on the line so that I can make a line that has many ridges… Any advice on how to create the ridges? I’ve attached an image as an example. Thanks!
Sample Lure I want

You could just make a linear array of arcs then use follow me.


You can also make a proxy and then use a sub-division plugin to get some interesting shapes.

You can get it here:

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Thanks! Good idea. When I tried to do the follow me tool it got funky. Do you know what might have gone wrong here?

Looks like you are modeling at too small a scale. Search the Forum for “Dave Method” to see a quick and easy fix!


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