Curver offset bevel

I am have a problem trying to create the shape of a ships frame a frame looks like this and I can push/pull it

as the frames get closer to the bow and stern they have a beveled edge.

the top shape is different from the bottom shape and it is offset as you can see from the end view
![frame bevel 1|690x454]

this seems like a job for the follow me tool but I spent a lot of time trying to make that work and got no results

Actually it’s not a job for Follow Me. Instead, use Fredo’s Curviloft to fill in the surfaces. You can get it along with the required LibFredo6 files from Sketchucation.

thanks DaveR
so actually what you are saying in the free download versions of Sketchup can not create such a complex shape. I either need the full blown version or add plugins.
The top shape is actually a different shape than the bottom shape. Is there any way to add a surface along the sides by rendering?

That’s an interesting conclusion you leapt to. It’s not correct, though. I only indicated that Follow Me is not the right tool for the job. It wouldn’t be the right tool for the job in SketchUp Pro, either. You can do what you need to do with native tools. Use the Line tool and connect the vertices between the front and rear edges of the frame.

I suggested Fredo’s Curviloft extension because it’ll do that automatically and much faster than you can do it manually. Think of it as using a power tool to do the job.

I don’t know how you would expect to add a surface with a rendering program. Rendering programs aren’t designed to do that sort of thing.


Can you share a blueprint of both shapes and a picture about how they should be joined?
I’d like to take it a look.

here is the test sketchup file

frame bevel.skp (349 KB)

here are some images of what I am trying to draw


Even with pictures I’m not sure what end result do you want to get.

You can take a look at this video (or look for different ones):

You could also see some models from the 3D warehouse, as for example:

One comment more.
I agree with @DaveR, and I quote what @eneroth3 said here (I agree with her too):

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that first video gave me an idea
I posted how to apply a skin or surface along the edge
now I get it
from different views you can see there is a surface between the top and bottom shapes

I first tried to do that as one surface but I got no results but now by using small sections I can fill in the side surfaces. I can hide the edges to get a smooth looking surface and that will work

That’s what I told you to do if you don’t want to use Curviloft. Curviloft would make it much faster, though.

*and smoother!

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I agree about Curviloft (it’s free), anyway turning enable show endpoints can help to construct coplanar faces.


Keep in mind how SketchUP tells you what points you’re connecting:

You could try Sandbox Tool’s From Contours command to generate faces between the curves.

Besides what eneroth3 said, for a very very basic ship, you maybe interested in watch this another video, it belongs to SketchUp For Schools Curriculum, as I said before, we don’t know the level of detail you’re looking for and what’s the result expected from you.

This is my .skp for the ship showed in one of those tutorials. myship.skp (73.2 KB)

How did it take to me? hmmm, maybe 40 minutes, not sure and yes, it would be easier with curviloft probably or with Sandbox Tool’s From Contourns (I haven’t tried any of them for this situation), it was pretty repetitive, if you explode the curves then it’s easier if you have show endpoints enable.



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