Adjustable sides of an irregular object


I’ve just boiled my brain creating a primitive “U-PROFILE” from 8 separate lines with all adjustable sides (not finished yet…)

question: is this the only way to do this? (my first idea was to use 3 boxes, put them together and parametrize the dimension,…but then I see lines separating the boxes I do not want to see…)

please see the graph:

thank you


question to Trimble Creator on youtube:

i cannot find the graph to this video:

how are the stairs created? - 1:56min - 1:59min
nice that they go round the corner (similar to “follow me” tool in SU)

thank you

Hi! The Live Component is the “Deck” Live Component. The actual graph itself was built on an older version of the graph app and still needs to go through the conversion process.

Is there anything in particular about that functionality that you are curious about? If so - let me know and we can have a go at replicating it.



I am interested in a part of the graph:
how are the stairs created? - 1:56min - 1:59min
nice that they go round the corner (similar to “follow me” tool in SU) - so not the stairs themselves but the functionality “follow me” (changing the length of some object, it does not go straight but round the corner…follows the line of other object…)

thank you

Without looking at the graph directly, I’m going to assume a simple version of this would the use of the copy using vectors node (and for the effect of the “follow me”, the split curve node).

See here for an example: Trimble Creator

As for your original question (which I’ve now just seen), I think you were on track with the boxes, only I’d use a combination of rectangles the align node, and the 2d boolean paths node.

see here for an example (not sure which was exactly “side_5” but did my best to replicate!): Trimble Creator

Hi cam,

as for the “follow me tool”:
keeping it simple I created a rectangle type MESH
orientation: Y,Z
extrude mesh
parametrize the distance for extrude mesh
…and…no idea how to bend it round the corner :person_facepalming:

there is no possibility to go round the corner somehow in this simple way?

(in the “youtube-graph” the parameter “stairs width”, which makes the “follow me” effect, has a length in mm ranging between 0-20000mm, and not something that needs to be between 0-1 only)

thank you

Hi, looking at your graph there, you’ve got the right idea in using a profile, the puzzle lies in how we utilise that profile on the curve.

This is why I used the copy using vectors node in my example above. We can use the points, normals, tangents etc. of the curve to inform us where to place and orientate profiles. Otherwise the profiles have no knowledge of how to be placed on the curve.

I’ll admit that this does breach into more technical know-how and that the graph could support some better array (“follow me”) tools. I’ll make a note of it to our team!

As for the 0-1 and “unit” difference, use the ‘range’ node this will allow you to map a range of values to another range of values.