Copies of object with different dimensions

Hello after the holidays,

is there a possibility to create let’s say max 10 copies of a box (number of copies will be an adjustable parameter) where the first box has given dimensions, the second box is 10cm smaller (whatever), the third box is 10cm smaller than the second box and so on…?
option: either the boxes smaller by the given number or smaller by scaling them.

thank you


There are a couple ways you can solve this, but here are three (have a look at the graphs for some notes):

  1. Use a integer list (with the iterator input set to true) to set the scale of multiple boxes: Trimble Creator
  2. Also use the integer list but this time directly on the box node (though is essentially the same as the previous version): Trimble Creator
  3. Use a tricky version of the loop called a “recursive loop”, this time I’ve used the smart size node, but the above use of the range node also work here: Trimble Creator

Let me know if you have any questions!

Hi cam,

thanks for your reply.

the way nr. 3 seems to be working best for me (size changing by number not by scale)

I just made small changes (but they were not part of my original question above…):

  1. all the boxes should sit on one plane (so “z” for all boxes = 0)
  2. “smart size -x” still the same
  3. the graph showed one box more than parameter adjustment (parameter 5 / boxes visible 6) - I add the node “expression” to fix it.
  4. the “offset” should be the same on all 3 adjustable sides, so the “smart size -y” needs to be 2x of the
    “smart size -z”

please see:

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