Additional 3d warehouse downloads

3d warehouse only has limited elements than previous versions I have used, for example for ironmongery mine only has a few few models available. Can I download more? I have just downloaded SketchUp Pro… and would have hoped for more resource
thanks for any advice

The content you can access from the 3D Warehouse is the same whether you are using SketchUp Pro or Make or Web. What exactly are you looking for in the way of ironmongery?

that’s what I would have supposed however when looking for drawer runners, or hinges for example there are very few compared to what I thought used to be
maybe I am imagining it but that’s my impression
either way… is there a way of expanding the resource at all with external downloads

When I search the Warehouse for “hinge” I get 1000+ items found.

“drawer runner”, 124 items found.

There may be other sources. Perhaps some manufacturers have files you can download. You might look at McMaster-Carr’s site. They have technical drawings for a lot of the products they offer. Not SketchUp components but you could work from the info they provide.

You can make your own hinges and other hardware of that nature. It’s not terribly difficult. That’s what I prefer to do. This shows some of the ones I’ve made over the years.

My apologies, yes you are correct… there was an error stopping me from viewing the full options… thanks for the reply DaveR