Adding wallpaper, textiles, fabric, and paint from my vedors to my sketchup model


Somebody sent me easy to follow instructions on uploading materials to my material drawer, but I can’t find it. Still, I managed to get Dunn Edwards into materials, but the color is incorrectly displayed.

I’m importing Dunn Edwards paint, which I did using a link I found years ago. Problem is, the colors are not true. To isolate the problem, I checked the dunn edwards website for the color, Hex Codes, Name, and DE ID code. The color from the site exactly matched its reflection in RoomSketcher. There’s a visual match between the hex code from DE, as input to RoomSketcher’s but not with the DE colors uploaded to for Sketchup->materials->colors.

I think there is a sequence that must be used, and don’t you know I can’t find it. Can you help me get the correct way to import paint, wallpaper, and fabric to sketchup?

Thank you,

Colors will often display differently in SketchUp due to the way shading is done to imply the 3D-ness of the model. You can experiment with using Sun for Shading and adjusting the Light and Dark sliders.

If you enable sun shading - set light to 0 and dark to 80 it will display perfectly the colour of the HEX values you’ve entered into SketchUp.

Why was the shading control previously available in the Shadows/Sun tool bar moved from such a logical location. Not sayin’, Just sayin’

What are you talking about? It’s essentially the same in SU 2023 as it has always been.

SketchUp 2023.
Screenshot - 10_8_2023 , 1_06_55 PM

SketchUp 3.1.
Screenshot - 10_8_2023 , 1_08_21 PM

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to expand on Daves’ answer, click on the black/white small thing on the top right of the panel.

It will expand it and show the contrast bars to you.

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Thanks, Adam. It’s time I learned to work with that feature anyway. I did go to ->shadows (window tray) and enabled Use Sun For Shading. The settings were originally on 80 light, 20 dark. I did have to reset them after I enabled Sun…

Since you are versed in shading, may I ask how my time in UTC should be set. The timeline slider indicates noonish, which is correct for my PST frame where I live. Also Display is grayed out, but on faces and on ground are selected.

Thanks again for responding.

Chris F.

With the sliders set as Adam described, the time and date aren’t really important.

If you are just using sun for shading there are no shadows to display so those tick boxes aren’t functional. Ignore them.


Yes, thank you. The image you referenced as SU 2023 is exactly what mine shows. Thans so much.

Chris F.

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Gotcha. Thanks again. I’m onto working through this now. I have other problems. I can not link my “local collections” file to my locale collections file in file Explorer. But, now I’m working on making sure my materials are entered correctly.

Thanks, everyone, so very much appreciated.


With wallpaper you may need to get a seamless texture generator for anything with a pattern. Really anything like fabric and carpet.

I find it easiest to import seamless jpg and PNG images that match what I’m looking for, then edit the material color, scale, lightness, RGB, etc.

You can always take a picture of most anything and edit in PS then a seamless texture generator software to keep the image from tiling.

Thank. I actually cut the photo at the repeat pattern point, resized it in Sketchup, and it worked!! Could hardly believe it. Now, if I could only get the link between my computer and default tray → materials → favorite collections to work, I’d be so happy just now. The favorites file cannot seem to fully connect with my saved stuff.

Thanks for your input.


You can create a template creating new materials and adding them to the file, then every time you open that template all the materials you’ve added will be on the materials tray clicking on the house icon, materials in the model. I don’t know if it’s possible to create a new materials folder in the materials file app data.