How to Import Dunn Edwards Color Books?

So simple w/ ACAD, but I can’t figure it out for SUP2018 MAC.

I tried Colors>List>New “Dunn Edwards Color Book”, then Color>New Texture>Finder>Dunn Edwards Color Books>Color#.skm file, but it’s not selectable.

So I tried to drag the Color#.skm file to the Colors palette and nothing. I could not see which color it was in the bottom with all the other colors (even hovering cursor over them did not reveal any names/info). So I tried purging all of them and finally figured out all I had to do was click on one then hit DELETE repeatedly until they were all gone. Wow, how easy was that. Then I tried dragging the file to that again and nothing. Also tried dragging it to the open area above and nothing. Then I tried double-clicking on the file and nothing.

Guess I’ll have to go back and use the ol’ Digital Color Meter to get the RGB’s. Fun.

I guess if I were going to add the Dunn Edwards Color Books to SketchUp on my Mac I would copy the folders containing the SKM files to User/Library/Application Support/SketchUp 2018/SketchUp/Materials. And then, when I opened the Colors panel in SketchUp, they’d show up in the drop down list for use. More fun than using some old digital color meter. :wink:


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D’oh! Of course. Why didn’t I think of that. Because it’s been years since I’ve done that with another app. Imagine if there was a search result from google or SU help/community regarding it, or if there was a menu or materials/colors import that performed the same task.

Well, I know I’ve answered this sort of question before.

I actually prefer to make my materials libraries as above unless I’m making custom materials from image files. I can easily transfer the libraries en masse to the next version of SketchUp or between computers.

Actually, I’m sure I did this a few years back when I did the same for AutoCAD (which still works) because the DE SU color book is still in Downloads, so it either did not work or something has changed (following update/new release?). I’ll try it again.

The folder was there. tried to copy DE color book folders to it again and did not work. Then tried copying only the color.skm file. That worked. So only the actual .skm file and one List. :frowning: Again, should be able to simply import color books with all folders. SU Materials/Colors has needed an overhaul for years.

If it didn’t work you must have missed something. I did exactly what I described to get the Warm Neutrals library to show up in the SketchUp Colors window shown in my screenshot.

You would need to quit and start up SketchUp for it to show up. For allready built libraries, this isn’t a big problem, but if you want to make a new list from .skm files that you received from a manufacturer for instance, you would have to drag them in a folder that is made by creating a new list in the material panel(!)
Quit and start SketchUp to check etc.
This is, compared with how Windows handles .skm, a real bummer, I think.

Try dragging a .skm file in SketchUp, the green plus sign appears, but when you release the mouse, the color panel gets activated, but nothing happens(!)

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I followed instructions but the colors do not show up in Materials, only the folder names.

So simple yet it doesn’t work three years later…

SUP 2019

Only the folder names show up under Texture Palettes dropdown menu.

You cannot have folders inside the main list on Mac. You might want to reorganize to on flat list, or make lists of the folders

Not following…

I copied the DE CB folders to here and restarted SU.

/Users/name/Library/Application Support/SketchUp 2019/SketchUp/Materials

Move in he folders inside the ‘color family’ one level up, delete the now empty ‘color family’

To clarify, you are saying to move all of the DE color folders (Blue Violets, Red Violets,…) from the third column to the Materials folder and then delete the main folders (Color Family, Perfect Palette, Then and Now,…)?

Yes, you cannot have folders inside a list on Mac


It’s finally working now. I can see the colors.

Is there a way to organize them like they are in ACAD? How do I find a specific color by Name or Number other than hovering over each one?