Adding new style crash

Hi, in style menu when I modify a style and change the name in style menu bar it crashes every time.

What OS exactly?
Can you upload some screenshots?
Do you send the bugsplat report?

Mac OS Catalina 10.15.7
SU Pro 2021 Version 21.0.392

I sent the bugsplat

Thank you for your answer

ah… ok, I’ll try

True but it shouldn’t crash!

Anyway no crash on 2020 with the same manipulation with “graphite…” style

On 2021 with a default style no crash …

Can you upload the file? Or Style?

It should not make a difference if the Style is from a collection or ‘In Model’.
The button is to create a new Style.
Where is your collection located?

Library/app support/SU 2021/SU/style/TFstyles

Fineline Graphite Sketch™ (37.6 KB)

I had some other crashes with 2021, bugsplat was sent.
Should I re-install? if yes what’s the best way to do it and keeping my plugins?

I think that what you are seeing is a variation of the crashing problem that 2021.0.1 helps to fix, but the way in which you put in the new version can affect whether the crashing is fixed or not.

Mainly, if you drag the SketchUp 2021 folder in the disk image, onto the Applications alias, and let Finder replace the old folder, the crashing may continue. The way around that is to go into Applications, drag the SketchUp 2021 folder to Trash, and then drag the SketchUp 2021 folder on the disk image to Applications.

I wasn’t able to find which of the bugsplats is yours. When you send them in, do you include your name or email address? I did look for any bugsplats from today, and the ones that I see are related to the crashing issue we know about.

Crash #51486
Crash #51491

Thank you

Do I loose my plugins if I send SU folder to the trash?

My SU is registered as , not the same as my forum address


Plugins are in the Application Support folder, and won’t be harmed by deleting the folder in Applications.

Now that I can see your bugsplats, it may well not be the crashing issue that others have seen. Doing the reinstall would still be worth trying.