Adding drill-hole patterns for CNC

I’ve been trying to figure out how to add drillhole patterns. There must be a way to do this effectively and fast, without giving up on all the flexibility that Su offers.

This is what I want to achieve:

1/drillholes, with the 32mm system (sorry, how do you call this in English?)

2/ predrilled positioning holes, made in CNC, which allows to insert the pins on the Zeta-P (Lamello) machine.

I also tried to open the model in a new file, but I simply couldn’t find the way to insert the component in the file, so it’s down below, sorry.

cabinet SU community.skp (883.1 KB)

You can set up dynamic component to create the hole patterns that cut the raw geometry on explosion. The DC can have options for different patterns, sizes and spacing. If you make a sample of each pattern I can set it up for you.

hole cutter.skp (23.9 KB)



I already did something like that. Created a component with that pattern. Then exloded the pattern after positioning, explode the actual piece or component and make a component again. I wouldn’t make the holes through though, as I just need the line for CNC processing. What is dynamic component?
You seem to use Fredo Scale bow stretching, but that won’t work I think because as you resize it changes the spacing between the holes. rijboring FB.skp (27.8 KB)

the copied cutting holes have to be within an extra cutting component for it to work . That is use a cutting component within a cutting component, place it on a raw surface and explode twice.

no extensions used, although integrating some scripts will speed up the work flow

dynamic components make use of attributes to control size, position scaling, all as per example above.
This is a glue to any surface component ( named “hole cutter”) with a cutting group (“set” ) that can be copied to different positions on the board with another cutting group ( “hole” ) inside this that can be copied for a row of holes with a fixed size. That is why 3 explosions are required for the geometry to weld. Once a workflow is established short cuts and scripts can be employed to do this in a few clicks.

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the copied cutting holes have to be within an extra cutting component for it to work . That is use a cutting component within a cutting component, place it on a raw surface and explode twice.

To work with what? And what do you mean withacutting component?
If I send the hole pattern on top of the contour of the board, they have enough information I think.

Where do I find dynamic components?

which shortcuts and scripts do you mean?

dynamic component tool bar

down load models from the warehouse

Hopefully live component tools will be available next year

gluing and cutting components:
you can select at creation to create a plane that cuts, with simple example, enter the component after creation and delete the surface to leave a loop that creates a hole.

or after
in the component browser, home icon, select the component, then change to edit


the attached video shows how to create multi hole dynamic cutters

Short cuts refer to key board, for say edit/dynamic components/swap can be assigned to a key stroke
scripts are ruby code of repeated methods or workflow

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Hi Nice, I got almost the same; one different thing is I use an outer hole distance and calculated the space between them depending of to the number of hole’s ( if bigger then two ).

Now my question, is there a way to get the width of the plate where the hole getting into. A few years back I was trying and trying to get information/reference about the group or component where the hole component was placed into or onto. Possible? Any light on this?

I have some problems with my models, I can’t make them them solid and if I do, I lose some edges. That’s why I lost two days work. GRRRRR. The most frustrating is that I va-can’t find out why.

When I select the component, all holes seem to be blue, so contained in the component, or so it seems. Then when i use “Solid Inspector”, the holes above and below show red, so there must be something with that. When I do “fix all”, those holes are lost.
Note: I dont’n make the holes , I just make a circle as This is enough for CNC information, (I suppose?)

here are some screenshots:

That is a good idea!


so orientation does not matter, as thickness will be the smallest. You would need to place a back cutter in the hole component if you want through holes

It seems that you did not open the component and placed the cutter on the raw geometry.

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I don’t know, but I suspect I didn’t.

This is the one I’m working on now: Select scene “boven fornuis”. KF2.skp (3.0 MB)

I don’t work (yet) with the hole cutter.
Maybe I should give it a try.
The problem is that I have a bit of a deadline on this project and already, I’m way not on schedule.

There is another way to fix this:
open a component, double click face with holes and move it 6mm (or depth you want) then select the face and push pull 6mm back to original

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just did that:

KF2.skp (3.0 MB)