Adding an element to a component

The threads that I’ve found that address this topic and the tutorials I’ve looked at don’t answer my need. I’ve created a component made up of several nested components of wood members. I wish to add elements (three more individual components) to one of the components. Dave’s response to two other similar threads says Edit/Cut. That must apply to Windows as it doesn’t appear on my Mac. I’ve placed the three elements within the lower component, and they appear gray. I have not been able to find a way to save these three elements as part of next upper level component.
Vista 1. v.2.skp (15.3 MB)

Cut should be one of the first couple or three menu items in the Edit menu if you have a component selected. This isn’t a Windows only thing. Default keyboard shortcut would be Command-X. The workflow I describe using Cut and Paste in place works on Mac exactly lke it does on Windows.

You’re correct about the Edit/Cut. I was looking for it on the contextual menu of my mouse. So going to Edit/Cut removes the component. I still cannot figure out how to add the three elements. I’ve tried CopyPaste.

If you go back and review what I wrote in the other threads you’ll see it wasn’t Paste but Paste in place.

Select the three components.
Use Edit>Cut.
Open the nested component for editing.
Use Edit>Paste in place.

I don’t know where you want the piece with the holes but you can see here I’ve placed them where I think they need to be, then cut and pasted them into the component.

Alternatively you could open Outliner and drag the components into the nested upper level component.

Apologies Dave for the confusion in not being clear. The three elements are not what you placed; I don’t have a problem with these. The three I’m talking about are the three short pieces in the lower framework. I’ve placed them in place but when I go to edit that particular component they appear gray, and I do not know how to add them to that particular component, other than to make it all a group, which seems a cumbersome way.

The process for those three pieces is exactly the same as I showed you in the previous video but here it is again. I painted those components green just to make them easier to see.

Thanks Dave; got it.