Combining components


I have a question about combining 3d components:
I drafted a 3d sketchup model of a building and saved it as a component. Then I drafted several 3d windows and saved them as components (glue vertical, cut opening) Then I glued the windows in the 3d model of the building (copypaste ctr C ctr V). But the windows only show 2 d. When I aplied a material or a color to the model the window colors as well
I tried all kind of other ways, but it does not work.
Anybody can help me about this ? Thank you,


Copy > [Ctrl]+[V] doesn’t give you the proper control over grabbing the insertion point of the inserted (=copied) component.

Select the window component from the ‘In Model’ component library when placing it on a building face, being inside the building components context, (= its editing context)

If the window component still has the default color (and so also its internal entities!), then it will have the appearance of its parent’s component color (= the building).

Enter the building component and paint the window a different color to “locally” override its parent color (=the building color)

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Just in addition to @Wo3Dan’s comment.

Thank you very much for the advices, I will try it out!