Edit Component: How to add one component to another?

A (hopefully) simple problem: In SU Web, I have a Cabinet component and a Handle component. I would like to edit the Cabinet component by adding the Handle to it. How is that done?

I have tried selecting the Cabinet, context-clicking Edit Component, and adding the Handle to the Cabinet, but there’s no way I can find to tell SU that I’m done editing.

Alternatively, adding the Handle to the Cabinet first and then clicking Entity Info gives a message: “2 components selected. Please choose one to edit.” How do I do that? The two components are not listed in the Entity Info area, and going into the Components list to choose one seems to exit the Entity Info process. Clicking on the Cabinet in the model at this point doesn’t do anything either.

Any step-by-step directions or video tutorial on this?

I could always give the Cabinet + Handle component a new name, but that isn’t really editing a component.

You must just click anywhere outside the component to exit from it.

I don’t get well what you are trying to do, can you share the file so any of us can see and have a better understanding to give you a proper solution.

open the outliner and drag the handle towards the component, it will be inside the cabinet component.
Notice that when you click outside the dashed lines while editing your component you finish the editing.

To add the handle component to the context (inside) of another component (cabinet):

  • rightclick on the handle and copy (=to clipboard).
  • enter the cabinet for editing
  • rightclick and apply Paste or Paste in Place while in editing context
  • close cabinet component.

This will leave an extra handle in the model, outside the drawer component.

CUT to clipboard instead, or delete the original handle component.

I know. I should have added that extra line saying to delete the original afterwards. Although there needs to be some stuff for the OP to find out. The original would still be visible.

I’m not in favour of ‘Cut’ > ‘Paste (in Place)’. Too much risk in losing the component. If one happens to inadvertently copy something else before pasting. And OP had just spent a whole day modeling the handle component.
I know, the component would still be in the ‘In Model’ library. Only one ‘Purge’ away from losing a day’s work.

All good reasons to use copy instead of cut - thanks for the clarification to my post.

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copy the handle

delete the handle

double click to get inside the cabinet component


Or do what @rtches suggested, and use the outliner. Minimal risk, maximum clicky-draggy.

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Worked like a charm, thank you!

Good tip on not Cutting the only one of a particular object. I try to keep one copy of everything somewhere off to the side in my model.

If they are components they will be stored in the component browser until you purge them.

True Confession: I had never even noticed those little Cut-Copy-Paste-etc icons above the context menu!