Add scenes to windows

Can anyone tell me how to add a scene to my windows? Thank you!

Could you elaborate on what exactly you mean by that?

Sorry I tried to upload my model, but it wouldn’t attach. I’ll try again tomorrow. Thanks for looking Wo3Dan.

I don’t know what to do. I am unable to upload my file here. I’ve tried just uploading the regular file and compressing it to no avail. I don’t even get a message telling me file too large or anything. It just shows nothing. So I guess I’ll just skip it and forget the window scene. Thanx anyway.

I’ll take a guess that you can ignore if I’m wrong. Is the idea to have surroundings that you see through the window when looking from inside? If that’s right, you can create a large surface outside your model and paint an image onto it. Some people use a cylinder or a half sphere. Apply a transparent material to the glass and the background will be visible when viewing through the window.

Hi Steve. Yes, that’s what I wanted. But THAT ain’t happening. :slight_smile: It’s been difficult enough getting here. But here is a 2D image of what I was going for.

If your model is too big to upload directly to the forum, try uploading it to the 3d Warehouse, Dropbox, OneDrive or other file sharing service and share it via a link here.

Ha-ha…You may (or may not) remember JohnM that we went through this before with my whole house model. It seems I am very inept at that sort of thing! But thanks, as always. R~

I do indeed remember. And a very nice looking house it is.

Hope you sort out how to share it.

If you haven’t already, try getting a free Dropbox account. Install the client on your machine.

Then tell Dropbox to Synchronize its folder with the cloud copy .

R click on the local Dropbox folder, or just the SU file in it, then select Copy Dropbox link and paste it into your forum post.

Or just create a 3d Warehouse account, sign in, and upload it there either from within SU, or via your browser.

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Your kitchen is looking nice! Fine to follow your process and see the improvements.
Did you manage to add a scene to the window?

Hello, r.ibarria. Thans for your nice comment. Yes, I was able to add a scene. Whether I did it correctly or not I don’t know. I tried searching the forum for my question and couldn’t find anything that related to my specific question, but did find a thread for something else that detailed how to import an image into SKup. So that’s what I did I just imported an image and stuck it on the back of the window. It works for this purpose, but probably wouldn’t if it needed to be professional.

Not the best photo, but I didn’t have a lot of time to search for a nice backyard photo with a garden shed or kiddie swing. LOL . This picture shows why it doesn’t look professional.

‘scene’ is is not the best word to use…

what you need is a ‘backdrop’ outside the window…

there are tutorials for adding them…


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Instead of applying the landscape image to the back wall of the kitchen, you could create another large rectangle that is positioned some distance from the kitchen (say, 50 feet as an experiment) and then scale and apply the landscape image to that backdrop rectangle. By separating the image from the kitchen wall you could get some perspective shift when changing camera locations. Some experimenting with the distance and scale of the backdrop will probably be needed. This is the kind of thing that @slbaumgartner was describing in his reply.

Half the battle with this program is knowing the correct terms to search for! I may get there one of these days! :wink:

Thank you TDahl. I will play with it and see how it goes. It’s not essential. It’s just something I thought would make it look better. This program is so cool and has so many applications it makes me wish to be a computer wiz. LOL) :upside_down_face:

To find tutorials you could search for things as “add background/panoramic/dome/cylinder background to sketchup model”. There are plenty out there!

It doesn’t appear to look any different when I move the image away from the wall TDahl.

Looks like you have moved it barely 5 feet.