New Sketch Up adding scenes

Is there a way to add scenes and animation like we used to in the free Desktop version?
Like when you had a view for the whole model and then you broke apart the model for each piece to show in a separate scene so you could add dimensions to each of those and save it to show someone? Or is this just the paid version now?

With all these changes I really feel that Sketch up is giving up on the Maker community or people that just do this for a hobby. I don’t make any money on these but constantly taking away functionality for a company as Big as Google just goes to show you where they stand.

Was a great tool and now on a Mac for the browser based version it is terrible. The tools never show the right tool you have selected if you use shortcuts and constantly having to search for things like hide and unhide is terrible UI as well. I give this version an F-.

You can do all of that in the web based versions. You’ll probably want to create layers in the Layers panel, assign Layers to groups/components in Entity Info, and create Scenes in the Scenes panel, just like in the desktop versions of SketchUp.

You can still use SketchUp 2017 Make for non-commercial use if you find the web based version so hard to use. It really isn’t difficult, though. The user interface is just different.

To say that SketchUp is giving up on the maker community couldn’t be farther from the truth. The web based version makes it possible for more people to use SketchUp including those using Linux or cheapo computers like ChromeBooks. And with it, you could go to your local make space, log into your Trimble Connect account on one of their computers and work on your SketchUp files or download the STL file for 3D printing, etc.

Please complete your profile with the correct information as that helps us help you. I’m pretty confident that your graphics card is not “woodworking” as your profile current shows.

Well I see that now that you mention it. I did see that panel but they make it look like an information panel not one to actually add the scenes. Do you have to make layers? It is a very simple model and I normally just name components and groups and make scenes from there.

Thanks for the response I do appreciate it.

Oh and if Google is looking this is horrible UI and not at all intuitive especially coming from previous versions.

You don’t have to make layers. I described the workflow based on the way I create SketchUp files for woodworking plans.

Why would Google care? They abandoned SketchUp years ago. Fortunately Trimble came along and saw the value of continuing development.

Although I’ve been using SketchUp since early 2003 and I’m very used to the desktop versions which I use nearly every single day, I haven’t found any problem with the UI in the web based version. It’s just different but for a browser based app, it’s very usable. Like any other app you just need to learn to use it.

Thanks for the links!

I thought Google owned Trimble. It makes more sense if they don’t.

I do have to disagree on the usability. I’ve only been using it for 7 or 8 years and the Desktop free versions were much better not just different. Things were in places that were intuitive and where one thought they would be coming from any program. Now it’s just a guessing game even for a returning user. I have a fiber connection and a year old fast machine and it just doesn’t work well. Could be a Mac thing I guess but zooming is horrible, when you use shortcut keys the right tool never shows up only the last one. I guess it’s just me being cheap. Shut up or buy it I guess.

The old versions are unusable unless constantly closing the prompt to upgrade doesn’t bother you. Just my opinion.

No. Google doesn’t own Trimble.

If Trimble hadn’t come along when they did, SketchUp would have ended up in the long list of programs that Google killed because it didn’t meet their needs.

I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree regarding the interface and maybe it is your Mac thing. I don’t have problems zooming or otherwise navigating on my 5 year old PC with a now outdated graphics card and I don’t have problems with the standard keyboard shortcuts.

Here’s an example with a 17 Mb file in SketchUp Free. Seems to zoom and orbit just fine.

There is a bit of an entitled tone there.

We will have to agree to disagree.

No entitlement, I didn’t advertise free and better they did.

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