Add lines at intersection/overlap between faces/objects?

I’m modeling some houses that exist in the real world. Most of these houses have 4-5" cedar bevel siding (kind of lightning bolt shaped zig zags), which looks great when done fully, but create a challenging surface to put a window in.

It seems like I have to manually draw a line at every point of overlap (see images below) to make it so I can delete the lines that go across the window without deleting the entire strip for the whole width of the house.

Is there a way to do this automatically? Is there a better way of doing this?

For what it’s worth, all of these models are ultimately being 3D printed for a neighborhood master plan.

Have you tried the intersect function? It creates edges between overlapping faces.
Create a simple grouped box and move it in place where the window should be. Right-click → Intersect with model. Then delete the faces that you don’t need.

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To expand upon @Aerilius’s method of using a simple grouped box, aka, a Solid group…
One could use the Solid Tools > Subtract to cut the window holes.
That is, provided the bevel siding is also modeled as a Solid.

It’s far more expedient to use a texture image instead of modeling individual boards, bricks or shingles.

Typically, the exposed edge of bevel siding is only 1/2” — 3/4”
Unless the 3D print is very large scale, such tiny details may fall below the resolution of the printer.

If the model is 3D printed at 1/4" = 12" real world size, then 1/2" would be a mere .010"

So, in metric terms the scale would probably be something like 1:500 to 1:2000. Even at 1:87 (model railway scale) such small details would be irrelevant.


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