How do i join two objects and make them intersect?

I am trying to get the siding to intersect on this house I’m working on in sketchup. I can’t seem to figure out how to intersect the two pieces of siding. I would compare what I’m trying to describe as ‘fillet.’

I need the siding to wrap around the corner seamlessly.

Do you want to miter the corners? Do you have to show the siding as individual pieces?

First thing I would do is get rid of the texture so you can see the geometry. Either remove the material or switch to Monochrome Face Style.

yes miter the corners that’s a way to describe it

Draw a face at the miter angle and use Intersect Faces to intersect it with the siding. Then erase the waste side.

i don’t get it

Draw a rectangle at the miter angle.
Select the geometry, use Intersect Faces>With Model.
Erase the waste.

okay i will try that

FWIW that’s not a common way to handle corners on siding of that sort. Impossible to keep the miters closed.


It would be rather challenging to get it right with a lap siding like that, easier when using this type:
Mitered corners are quite common here with this kind of siding, especially in houses from the 1940s and 1950s.

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I wasn’t attempting to replicate the actual siding cross section.

I expect the miters still open up with that siding profile.

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Try also (next time for something like this) the FollowMe command.

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That was an option I was going to suggest but the OP didn’t respond to my question that would have led to that or to using a texture.

If i can get the same look using a texture let me know where to look.
the geometry is clear, I wasn’t aware of the ‘follow me’ tool. maybe there is a video somewhere on how to use that.

Never seen mitered corners over here in the Netherlands with what is called “Swedish rabat”.
Usual way for outside as well as inside corners here is to butt them against a square piece placed vertical in the corners…

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can you show me a photo of what you’re talking about? I’m in the US

Here you go:

There are more of these video’s, it’s a whole series…

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whats a “Swedish rabat”??

Google is your friend.

We’d call it a rabbet. That’s the feature along the bottom edge of the siding in @Anssi’s photo.

yeah i googled it and wasn’t sure. google isn’t my friend, google is my arch nemesis

okay, so i prefer the rabbet. i just can’t do that for this project.
it’d sure be a lot easier though.

The rabbet has nothing to do with modeling the mitered corners. Or with using the vertical boards on the corners.

Where in the US are you? Is your client specifying mitered corners on the siding?