Add Geo Location not working

Im using sketchup for schools . When I use the add location on my Mac laptop i get this message

Sorry! You must be logged in. Please close this window and sign in to SketchUp by clicking on the Account icon. Look for it in the lower left corner of the modeling window.Ive tried it on safari and chrome it doesnt work . Ive tried it on a pc computer doesnt work. pleae advise

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The thing that leads to this error is being looked into, but the easy work around for now is to sign out, and sign in again.

Ive tried to sign out and sign in it doesnt work . Im doing a presentation on sketchup for schools in googleplooza in chicago it would be great if this is fixed . If not ill deal with it

For anyone dropping by, the sign out and sign in work around didn’t work, because this was happening in the web version not the desktop version. I came up with a solution for Angelo’s immediate needs, and will tell the team working on the problem the fact that the work around doesn’t help the web versions of SketchUp.

I’m also having the same problem, the same warning appears. Can you help me?

Which version of SketchUp are you using? Meaning, if it’s the web version is it Shop, Free, or Schools?

It is Pro version 2018, on a mac os

That’s the easier case then. Sign out and sign in again.

I was logged into the trimble on a web tab with a google account I tried to log into sketchup and it gave invalid password, now I am trying to get a new password

Yes, with 2018 you would need to be signing in with a Trimble ID now.

I managed to generate a new password I am already using the geo location,
thank you very much and good work.

I am teaching with SketchUp for Schools this year remotely and I am getting the sorry you need to log in to access add location. I have tried logging out and in, but it doesn’t work. Is there another way to do this? Out of all my students only one was able to add location. The rest say log in, but they all are.

Has this been resolved? I was able to do this in the spring, but now get this login error. We are using the web version of SketchUp for Schools. All are logged in to our domain in order to access SketchUp for Schools.

I’m having the same issue. Sketchup for Schools, Web version. I can’t add location, I get error message that I must be logged in. I have tried logging out and in again, but it doesn’t help.

@Bryceosaurus do you know if the Schools variation of this problem has made progress? That is, on desktop most times signing out and in again fixes it, but for Schools users in the web version it seems not to.

Now the Add Location is working!

But now the problem is the opposite. How do I delete a location? If I placed the drawing at one location then it is impossible to change to another.

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