Add Geo Location not working in Sketchup for Schools

I am an IT sector employee at a university, and some students are experiencing an error when adding the geo location.

On desktop that can be a one time thing, which is worked around by signing out and signing in again. I have had a case where someone saw that in the web version of SketchUp, which given the map background could be the case for this one too.

Does a sign out and sign in again solve things?

I tried to release Google Chrome permissions, I already tried to sign out and sign in to the account even though it didn’t work

I need help please

Hi Diego

Sometimes the sign out and back in doesn’t do the trick. Can you try an incognito window? If that works then can you try signing out of SketchUp and then clearing your browser cache? If you want to you can look for just cookies associated with sketchup and Identity.trimble so you don’t have to clear everything. Then try signing back in and let us know if that helps.