Can't use geo location, won't log on

Hi. I need some help and I could not find this specific problem on the forum.
login failure
So when I want to create a geo location from within Sketchup it loads the map window and then a notice apears saying I should log on.
The thing is I am logged on to Google account and also in Chrome on Trimble Sketchup site.
I tried restarting, clearing chrome cache, deleting webcache from Sketchup’s roaming folder but nothing works. Chrome is set as default system browser…What am I missing?
Oh and there is no “Account icon” in upper right corner of the modeling window in Sketchup Pro(standalone), desktop, Windows pro 10
All and any suggestions much appreciated.

Paste this into the file explorer address bar

%AppData%\SketchUp\SketchUp 2021

Delete the web cache folder

Restart SketchUp

And please update your forum profile, it says you use SketchUp Pro 2019.
The answer would be different if you were still using that!!

This did not work unfortunately but thank you Elmtec-Adam for your accurate instructions.
And tweenulzeven thank for update reminder of profile info. Fixed that :slight_smile:


Try signing out of SketchUp and back in

That was it!
Thank you very much Elmtec-Adam

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