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We have two (separate) working models in our office at the moment. All the scenes are setup, labeled and dimensioned inside of layout. Two different projects and two different architects. They are deep in the CD phase of their projects and for some reason their sections planes become de-activated in their respective scenes. One of them experienced a section plane to be moved while inside of layout. Are there known glitches with section planes with 2018?

The common issue is that the style for the scene with the section cut hasn’t been updated. Sections are a style-related property. Very often we see users adding section cuts for scenes but failing to update the tyle associated with the scene. I would check there, first. It’s not unusual to find that the user has disabled the changed style warning that would pop up during scene creation or updating if the style has been modified but not updated. It’s wise to leave that warning enabled.

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Thanks Dave,

I tested this theory. It does seem like a viable scenario. I THINK (huge emphasis on think) the issue lies within the architects working on their file from home and switching from PCs to Macs on a daily basis. I have grilled them and they haven’t been updating styles. One of the puzzling elements to this problem is that these were working scenes created at the beginning of the projects that have been working all along.

PS - I have been encouraging the habit to create a new style rather than updating the current style upon the dialog request. I know how easy and confusing it can be when changing features of a scene and to update the style.

There shouldn’t be any issues working between Macs and PCs but if the user has perhaps turned off the style change warning message on their computer at home, they could indeed be creating the problem. I think people see there’s an option to disable the warning and use it without understanding the implications of turning it off.

Having them create new styles when creating or updating scenes can work but you can wind up with multiple styles with identical properties. Every In Model style will add to the file size and tracking down the duplicates could get to be a challenge or at least tedious. I think it would be worth pressing the users to add useful descriptions to styles when they create new ones and to check to see if there’s already an In Model style that will serve the purpose before creating a new one.


Good (multiple) points!

Thank you!

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