Section plane turning on

My kitchen model has1 section cut and 2 scenes. The camera is viewing through the section plane. On each scene the section plane is checked off so there is a clear view into the model. In the scene tray all properties to safe are checked. Both scenes are updated and the model is saved. When I play an animation in sketchup from schene 1 to 2 inmediately the section plane is turned on automatically so the view get greyed out. How to fix this? Sketchup version 2020.

Check to see that the style for Scene 2 has the section plane turned off. If it doesn’t, turn it off and update the style.

If you share the .skp file we could probably give you more direct advice.

Thanks Dave for your quick solution. Indeed under styles>modeling settings the section plane was turned on. I followed your advice and now the problem is fixed.
Thanks again :slight_smile:


It’s important to remember that section settings are part of the style.

Out of curiosity, if you have a style that has been modified but not updated, do you get a warning message when you create or update a scene?

Yes sometimes I get messages. But if it is to update a style or a scene, I am not sure of. I didn’t work with syles up to now, but will give more thought, specially after this event.

It’s good that you get the message. Some users disable the warning and wind up with problems.

As for which option to choose it depends on what the change is. If you choose to update the existing style that would impact any other scenes that already use the style. If you choose to create a new style that will create a new style but that may not really be the best option. If you already have a style using the same settings you would be better off to Cancel creating the scene, switch to that existing style and then proceed to create the scene. It does mean keeping track of the styles you use.

going back to your first post, If you have sections turned off in Scene 1 and on in Scene 2, you would want two different styles. If Sections are on for both scenes, you could manage with just one style. That assumes all other style settings are the same between scenes.