Activation of 2022

Purchased 2021 2 seats. Upgraded to 222 and can only activate 1 seat

I see that you have one subscription with a single seat, and another subscription with two seats. If you’re in the management page and do not see three seats, look under your avatar, to see if there may be more than one entry for your company name.

Not sure I understand your email. We purchased 2 seats why can’t I activate 2 seats?

You bought three seats, if you are only seeing one seat, I’m hoping that you are looking at the wrong subscription. Look under where Edit Profile is, and see if there is a menu you can choose from. Mine looks like this:

You may have two entries in there for your company name. If you do, try the other entry.

There is no menu

That should mean you only have one account. What options do you see if you choose Members from the lest on the left of the page?

I have one account (Peter) and 1 member (Rob). I can open 2021 with no problems. Rob has already downloaded 2022 does this mean even though I thought I could download the upgrade free of charge, I can’t


You can download and install 2022, and open it and sign in. You would want to open 2021 first and sign out, to make sure that there is a spare activation for 2022 to use.

I still see that you have a seat assigned under one subscription, and Rob has one assigned under another subscription. The one Rob is under still has a seat that has not been assigned, and that should show up in the Members section, if you are signed in as you (you are the admin).

Got it thanks for your patience


The reason why I was looking to upgrade, is there anyway of setting font size prior to working on a drawing?


If you mean in LayOut and making text or dimensions, you can set the text values immediately after selecting the tool, and then new things you make will be at that size. If instead you made something, selected it, and changed the settings, it would only alter the ones you have selected. The next new items would be back at the default size.