Activate an older version of SketchUp

The former free version, SketchUp 15, is on my computer. I haven’t used it for months and when I try to open it recently, I got a message that the license is expired, or words to that effect. I am an amateur and infrequent user, but I am familiar with version 15 and really don’t want to learn a new version or to break my bank for a couple of uses per year.

Is there a way I could re-activate SketchUp 15? I’m willing to pay for it. I have tried the free web version and it is just too slow and clunky.

Show us a screenshot of the message you are seeing.

Hi DaveR,

Thank you for the prompt response.

Not sure what you mean by meeting. I couldn’t find the SketchUp 15 .exe file again. I did find a Layout.exe. Here is a snip of it.

Bill Lovern


It was “message” not “meeting”.

So do you have your SketchUp 2015 Pro license information? It would have been sent to you in an e-mail. If not you can try to retrieve your license here: License Manager | SketchUp

Keep in mind that a lot of things like the 3D Warehouse, Add Location and other web-based services don’t support SU2015 and haven’t for years. If you need those it’s time to upgrade to the current version.


I finally found the SketchUp.exe file on my computer. Attached is a snip shot of what I get when I try to open it.

As far as I can remember, the only version I ever had was the free one. I think I first got it in 2010. I believe it was owned by Google at the time. I have a model file dated 11/16/2010, so I know I’ve had it since then.

I don’t remember it ever being called Pro, and I’m fairly certain I never paid for it. I wasn’t aware that I ever had a license. I guess I did, but I didn’t record it anywhere.

I tried the License Manager | SketchUp link you provided, but it asks me for a license number, which I don’t have. I would like to renew the license of the version I have on my computer, but I don’t use it enough to pay what a new one costs. I will pay a reasonable amount to renew the 2015 version. I’m not sure I’m up to learning how to use a new version. (For starters I’m 88 years old). I certainly don’t need all the new bells and whistles.

Could I do what I want if I had the license number, and is there any way to determine what my license number was? I realize I’m probably asking the impossible. But I thank you effusively for your time and efforts on this.


SketchUp Pro License Info.pdf (298 KB)

I couldn’t find any licenses under your current email address or your name. If you ever had a license under a different email address, I should be able to find it.

It is possible you were using the free Make version which starts off with a trial of Pro and then reverts to Make. I could be that due to the length of time since you have used it, or because you used it for less than one month back then, that is is now showing you the Message that you should add a license to continue, or, and this is the bit that people often miss, agree not to use it for commercial purposes and continue with the free version. If you have click the button to add your license you may have got to the wrong place.
I believe this is why Dave was asking you for a screenshot of the message.
Open sketchup and show us what the welcome screen looks like. You may find that there is a button that just says, Agree and Continue, or words to that effect. And that will open the free Make version for you without needing to add a license.

I may have had email address EMAIL REMOVED FROM PUBLIC FORUM when I downloaded the program. Thank you for your reply and for your interest, time and effort.

Bill Lovern

I checked the email address that was showing briefly. Can’t find any license under that email either.

If you think of other names, company names, or email addresses that might be on the license, you can send a message to me by clicking on my avatar.

Hi Box,

I tried to open my SketchUp file and couldn’t see Agree or Continue or anything like that. No matter what I do I get the message that I need to provide a license number.

I’m thinking this is a lost cause, no doubt because of my abysmal ignorance of modern tech.

I’m sending this to DaveR and Colin also. You folks are awesome to the max and I am grateful to the max. Thank you for trying.


We see each of your replies, so I deleted the extra ones.

The Agree button that Box was referring to would be in the lower left corner of the welcome screen.

When you reply with a screenshot it will hopefully be easy to point out what you need to do next.