Account Verifcation Email

Good afternoon,

Ive been trying to set up an account to download Sketchup, I have went through registration process but ive yet to receive a verification email.

Ive checked Spam etc and still no email.

I have tried 2 separate email addresses.

Could you please give assistance with this issue?

Kind regards


Hello @dstsco,

Apparently there is a recurring issue with receiving such verifications lately. A number of users have posted similar complaints. You should send your email contact information to me by Private Message (rather than sending this info via this public forum). To send a PM click on my avatar and then click the blue message button.

I am going to forward your email address and I will alert members of the SketchUp Team about this and someone should be contacting you soon.

Thanks for replying.But I don’t see a blue message button when I open your avatar or profile?

that’s right, new users are limited to what they can do, once you reach trust level (1) then that restriction is removed, click here to learn how to get to trust level (1),
my apologies for being off-topic.

Once you get the authority, here’s how it works:

It might be because you’re a new user but I’m not sure. Sending you a PM now.

Additional detail, even the newest users, still at Trust Level 0, can respond to Private Messages (PMs) sent to them.

Hi @dstsco,

I’m sorry…I didn’t take your new user status into account. With several more posts your status will be upgraded to level 1 and your ability to respond to PMs will no longer be an issue. I see that Caroline of the SketchUp Team has replies to you so, you should be receiving a solution to the email verification problem in short order.

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