Not recieving verification email when trying to sign up

I’m trying to set up a free account, I enter my email, fill out my details and it accepts everything and it claims to have sent me a verification email. I’ve not received the verification email at all, I’ve checked my spam folders and I’ve tried it with a different email as well.

Can anyone advise how to remedy this?

I doubt you’ll get an e-mail. Have you tried opening SketchUp Free and signing in with the e-mail address and password you used when you established your account?

Hi DaveR, I’m trying to register to be able to use sketch up free, so I haven’t yet established an account. I need to register and verify my email to establish the account, but its impossible if they don’t send me the requisite verification email.

Maybe @colin can look to see. I think the last several times this came up it turned out the user had entered their e-mail address incorrectly so they never would have gotten an e-mail.

I’m certain I’m putting my email in correctly. I’ve tried on a couple of different emails as well, not sure what it could be.

Check everywhere for an email from, titled Trimble Account Creation Notification.

If you can’t find it, use the contact page and send in the email address you used. There are cases where the outgoing email can fail, and that may be happening.

Here’s the form to fill in:

Don’t worry that it refers to billing.

Thanks Colin, I’ll fill that out. I’ve search in every folder for that, but nothing.

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