Accidently deleted sketchup extensions, what were the original ones that came with it? SU2022

Hi guys I was going about trying and deleting different extensions and it seems like I accidently delete some extensions that original came with the program, I was wondering what were the original ones that came with Sketchup Studio 2022?

Where did you delete them from? If you close and reopen the program they will be reloaded into the User Plugins folder. If they don’t come back, just repair the installation. Right click on the downloaded installer, choose Run as administrator and then choose Repair.

I just uninstalled them from the extension manager, I guess I could go about repair the installation. Wanted to find a way avoiding running the installer again.

I think they should come back if you run the SketchUp installer again with the Repair option. You probably would also have to reinstall V-ray and Scan Essentials if you deleted those.

Okay I supposed I should run the installer again, thanks guys I appreciate it!

What’s the objection to running the installer again? It’s probably faster than looking for and installing the missing extensions and it won’t change your toolbar arrangement or anything else you’ve set up.

Opening SketchUp will replace the shipped extensions, but if you want to do it manually you can copy them from here:

c:\Program Files\SketchUp\SketchUp 2077\ShippedExtensions\

to here:

%AppData%\SketchUp\SketchUp 2077\SketchUp\Plugins\

The “2077” part would be the version you are using, which according to your profile is 2077.


I wasn’t against the idea of it, I just wanted to see if I could just install the stock extensions from the warehouse or repo that contains it. I ended up repair the install but not sure if that affected any presets or preferences that I have set up prior to that.

Nonetheless thanks for the help @DaveR I appreciate it!

Thank you this was the exact method of replacing the shipped extensions that I was looking for from accidently removing it. Thank you @colin !