Uninstall Sketchup Fully


We have a few Sketchup 2019 licenses. We have since had to reinstall the software - but now, as SU19 doesnt support web services, we no longer have access to our extensions we previously used. A couple of questions here:

A) Is there any way to get our old extensions back? There wasn’t many. Usually just Eneroth tools / some others.

B) Most critically is getting V-Ray back on the system - as we pay a lot of money to Chaos for this. I was in touch with Chaos regarding this and they said:
" Please perform a clean installation of both V-Ray and the 3D platform following the procedure below:
Uninstall V-Ray, uninstall SketchUp, and delete all the leftover SketchUp folders including the hidden ones (If not sure how to locate these- contact Trimble support for more information; this step is very important ), and reboot the machine.
Then install SketchUp and V-Ray again and try using them."

I have since uninstalled all sketchup programmes through - 'Add or remove programmes > Sketchup 2019 > uninstall" but how do i know that this removes all of the hidden folders as well?

I have followed the file path: C:\ProgramData\SketchUp\SketchUp 2019 - and still see some files here. Is it as simple as deleting these?

Any help would be appreciated.