Access to purchased products

Although, for days we have made numerous email requests to SU and Trimble for access to our SU Shop, we have not received a reply. Is there a phone number?
Asking for help on how to get a response for access to my Product?

Ron Conway

how does “access” fail for you? When you log onto SketchUp online, does a modeling window open? Is there a SketchUp watermark on the screen?

It states we have “no products yet”
although we have an account and a paid renewal

We have no problem signing in. When we select My Products it states “no products yet”

You might wanna check the ‘Member’ section and make sure that the email address you are using has ‘Product access’ (third column) change if necessary with the three dots on the end column.

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Members area states we have 1 product, active, my name as user and the email address we use to access SU.

If you click on your name, just under where Edit Profile is, do you see any other entries?

There is our basic information under edit profile?
Have sent a message for the SU team to help gain access.
Thanks for your help.


I do see your Shop subscription, assigned to your email address. If you are signed into this page:

with that email address, you should be seeing that Shop is assigned to you.

Yes, Shop is assigned to me and states active.
Any idea why is Sketchup not responding to me?


When you open a new model window in your browser while signed in does it open SketchUp Free?

We do not get a modelling window when we sign in.
No modelling windows appear only access to Account, Members, etc.


If you go to this link, do you then see a way to start modeling?

Yes, we get a modelling screen which appears the Free Version?


This is what I am wondering, if there is not some confusion about what Shop looks like. Is there a SketchUp watermark on the modeling space? If not then you are modeling in Shop, the two look almost identical. Do you have access to solid tools in the left hand toolbar?

In the modelling screen we see no Watermark and the Toolbar is there.
Wondering now why we can access this App without going though the sign in process. Our Account still shows no Product and yet we now have access?
Thanks for your help!

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I thought this might be a little confusion. If it’s subscribed to then Shop opens automatically in the place of Free. They look basically the same so you would not be the first to think the upgrade had not taken place. Looks like it has.

With no access to the Shop App through our Account we are unable to Upgrade to Pro.
It seems odd that the Product section still shows “no products yet”, although it states it is Active?
We have used Sketchup since it’s inception, minus a short hiatus, and prior to Google take over. Looks like the App and its administration has become very complicated.


Just to clarify, there are no classic licenses available or upgradable, anymore.

You either continue working with the classic license that you currently own or subscribe.

There are three major products: Shop, Pro and Studio.

Only Pro (€274/y) and Studio (€639/y) will let you have the desktop version, Shop (€110/y) will only give you access to the webbased modeller

What might be confusing is that the price of Shop is about the same amount you paid for the old ‘Maintenance & support’ plan, back in the days…

These plans are discontinued

We are not interested in upgrading to a Classic License.
Shop to Pro is what we are considering, but see no way to activate this option.