About Country Region Projects?

Is there any way to switch to European Region Project from default NA Region Project?

For the God of me I searched all possible settings to try switch this but I just cant find option to do so!

I dont mind if there is not option can live with NA Region Project just wondering if there is option considering im from Europe and I wanted it in other Region.

Thank you for answer!

Are you currently in Europe?

What is the difference you would expect to see? How would it affect your use of SketchUp Free?

FWIW, if you sign in to your Trimble Connect account you can choose.

Yea I was not probably too specific. I was trying to save project from my Sketchup Web (Freeium) to European Server. Currently I have it on NA. From what I gether you have posted screenshot form Mobile App where you can watch all your project form diffrent servers.
All I can see is that you can select diffrent region that holds your project in mobile app but when im woriking on project in sketchup web I dont see any option to save project in European Server. It avtomaticaly saves in NA Server.

All I wanted was that I could save my furniture or project to European Server and was wandering if it was possible.

Also like I said it would not ruin my experience with Sketchup was only looking for option if there is one. Just cant find one!

That was not from a mobile app. I navigated to my Trimble Connect account in my web browser for that screenshot.

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Thank you soo much!! I must be really stupid! I went to Trimble Connect on Web and I was able to create new project that originates in Europe. I went through all settings in Sketchup and Mobile app looking for this and in the end you helped me by telling me to use Trimble Connect on Web.
Cant thank you enough

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