A way to set opacity of objects? Maybe via tag?

There isn’t a way to change the opacity of specific objects in SketchUp for iPad (I assume)…

Is there a way in pro 22? Or an extension?

Is this something I could do with layout and viewports?

Fredo Ghost maybe? I don’t know it well.


Fredo Ghost would be a good option. If you use Color by Tag you can control opacity.

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If you wanted to you could also use a texture for the tag color. In this case I exported the material I already had applied to the rug and used it for the tag.

Interestingly it appears to keep the mapping of the material as applied to the surfaces.

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That is a crazy work around. I like it. I’ll have to try it when I get home.

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You mean beyond painting the object with a semi transparent solid color? Not available for materials.

I guess the end result would be something akin to illustrative construction images. I.e. low opacity stud walls with full opacity intended power runs, ducting, etc.

The ideal end result would be a presentational situation where I could lower opacities at will on a job site to better illustrate my intentions when I’m construction management.

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On the ipad it looks like we can choose the tag color from a preset list but not add to or adjust the opacity of colors on that list. Even if that list included 5 preset %50 opacity options it would be usefull.

Interestingly, if I make transparent tag colors in SketchUp Pro then send to the iPad, they work.

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