Changing color opacity / on MacOS

I am trying something as simple as adjusting color opacity, but it will only be either totally transparent (no colour seen at all) or not transparent at all. Nothing in between. I have SketchUp 2020 and work on a mac. Any suggestions??

What are you doing to adjust the opacity?

Under ‘Colors’ I select any random color, select ‘edit’ under the color menu and try to set the opacity. When I use the paint bucket with the edited color, say I set the opacity to 60%, it will not show at all in my shape. The shape just gets no color at all - totally transparent. You understand…? :slight_smile:

I think I understand. Try applying the color in the model first and then edit the In Model color’s opacity.

Share a sample Sketchup file that shows this if you can.

Can you try what I suggested? And share the .skp file?

What do you mean by applying the color in the model first? (Thanks for being so kind trying to help me. Really appreciate it!)

Select the color and paint the face in the model first. Then click on the house icon in the Colors panel and choose the color there to edit it.

I sent you a private message.

Hmmm I would like to see the model file too can you post it here? You should be able to select a color in the pallet, immediately adjust the opacity with the slider, then paint anything you want with that. What are the red lines in your screen shot? Is there a locked entity in there? locked entities can’t be painted.

That´s what I´m doing (I think) The color in 100% is totally solid. Once I try to make it like 95% it goes totally transparent…Test.skp (6.1 MB)

The rectangle you are trying to paint is co-planer with the image you imported. Move it above the image if you want to see the color.

Actually it’s a bit more complicated… something odd happening here…

I’m seeing the issue even with the face moved above the image. With a color that has been edited, the background image shows as if it is clear.

With one of the glass materials applied and the color edited to pink, it does what you’d expect.

Style >> Transparency >> Nicer



John wins.


Good, DaveR to the rescue. I’m seeing the same thing. It looks like an open GL quirk with how it treats the imported image.

If I explode the imported image AND make a component of the geometry it also works as expected.

EDIT. John for the win. Sweet.

What! So changing the transparency from “faster” to “nicer” solves it! I would never have figured out! Thanks! :blush:

I’d forgotten about that because the styles I use all have that set to Nicer.

FWIW, if you notice in my screen shot there’ are curved arrows on the style thumbnail in the top left of the Styles panel. After changing the Transparency to Nicer, click on that thumbnail to update it.


Thanks, will do! Thank you so much for helping out!