Can I Fade a Reference Floorplan Image?

I’ve managed to import a reference image for my condo apartment, and now wish to draw over it. I originally thought I needed a layer capability so I could do things such as locking, changing the opacity, etc., but cannot find any reference to layers at all. I’ve now searched the community and found that I can lock the image object in the Botton “…” menu. OK. But is there a way I can change the opacity of this layer so I can see what I’ve already drawn on top of it?

Also, I thought when I drew a line, if I set the material to a colour under “Materials” that might also be a way to give visibility, but the line is drawn in black. How do I change the colour of the lines I draw?


SketchUp doesn’t have Layers. It uses Tags to control visibility of objects. There’s no Move to Front/Move to Back sort of thng in Sketchup. That’s a 2D application thing and SketchUp is a 3D modeling application. If you want to be able to see through what you are drawing to the image, choose a style with X-ray.

It sounds to me as if you should spend some time going through the instructional materials at and the Square One videos on the SketchUp YouTube channel.

By the way, I answred your question about the SketchUp License Type in your profile. Please update that information so it is correct. That information helps us help you.

Hi Dave, thanks for the reply. I’ve been using the various instructional videos and they are very good. I’d been using art tools like Procreate and drawing tools like Grapholite, so had layers on the brain. I’ve been using SU for decades, but mostly just for modeling any house I move into, so the word “sporadic” barely covers it. But if you need an app for sporadic use, you can’t beat SU.

I’ll check my profile. I’m of the older generations (being 75) so we usually tend to keep a “low profile” (har, har) not having grown up with the idea of living your life online. I’ll see if I can provide at least the useful info.

Thanks again, John