A Time-out Problem

A problem of Timed-out appears when trying to Update analysis . i have tried lots of sample Projects i made and yet the problem is still there .
massage says : " Analysis has timed-out
Timeouts can occur during periods of high activity or when local bandwidth is low. Complex models may also experience timeouts.
please try your analysis again.
if you continue to experience analysis timeouts , contact us at support@sefaira.com "

Hi Ahmed,

Apologies on the tardy response. Have you had the chance to reach out to support@sefaira.com?

The “timed-out” message typically appears when your model has too many planes. In particular, too many shading planes is what causes for the timed-out message to appear. So your best recourse will be to reach out to support@sefaira.com so one of our engineers/architects can help you out.


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