A Strange Anomoly

Saw Chest (4).skp (3.3 MB)
I’m in the process of making my parts diagram for the Saw Chest and have already done the Saw Till on the inside of the chest. A strange thing happens that I’ll try to explain. I take a big component like the chest bottom, make it unique, draw lines spaced six inches apart all the way around (to break the part into pieces that fit on a board), make each part a component such as P.1 Chest Side, etc. In the process of doing this, the parts to the saw till that I’d already done disappear leaving only some (not all) of the text boxes. I didn’t do a report, because when I move/copy the saw till parts to the boards to redo it, suddenly all of the saw till parts reappear on the boards. Does anyone have an explanation for this?

Saw Chest (4).skp (3.4 MB)

It happened again. The first screen shot shows that the saw till parts disappeared. The
second screen shot shows they reappeared after I move/copied the parts. How strange is that?
The skp shows all the parts for the chest and saw till for a SU Go equivalent of a cut list.
LOL. :crazy_face:

The items didappearing are all tagged “Hand Saws an Saw Till”. Maybe that has something to do with it…
You could try retagging them with another tag for testing if the problem still persists.
The last 4 iterations of your model all have the same version number but are different by size. Maybe it is wise to do a save-as with a higher version number to avoid confusion…

I’m done with the parts diagram, so the problem won’t happen again. I took the saw till and put them in a separate tag folder as you recommended. I will make sure files have new numbers when I download skps, too.

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