A rounded table with details - which tools?


Thanks for a great forum! I have used Sketchup for about a week finalizing the beginner tutorials on Sketchup Campus.

I am now trying to model this table. Can you please elaborate which tools you would use to get the curved edges of this table? Would I need an extension for this or would regular tools work just fine?

Thank you so much in advance,


Draw the table top as a Rectangle.
Use the Arc to add rounded corners, then Erase the unwanted parts.
PushPull the face into the 3d form.
You can Delete the vertical faces as we are going to replace those next…

Now to ‘round’ the edges…

Draw a ‘cross-section profile’ of the table’s edge [draw it in place around the mid-point of any edge], it’s easiest to start with a vertical [axial] Rectangle and add the external radiused corners to it - as you did for the top itself.
Remember that SketchUp can’t cope with geometry <1/1000".
Make this ‘profile’ as a face by [re]adding a vertical edge [if necessary].
Select the table’s topmost face and then activate FollowMe, then pick the ‘profile’ face and it should extrude around the table’s edges…


Use Circle and Follow me tool


Thank you both. I can only mark one as the solution but would like to give both credit :slight_smile:

Another option?
Draw top with rounded corners. push/pull down to edge thickness, then opt(ctrl)/push pull (see + mark) to add another thickness then scale the bottom surface about ceter (ctrl/opt)+ scale.


What about radiusing the top edges?

Don’t normally model work for sandpaper.

I’m confident the radiusing on the top edge of the table top was not created with sandpaper.

Thank you @whiterabbitdesigncompany! This is a great solution since it preserve the solid appearance of the table top.