Table Top edges


Hello all, I’m very new to SketchUp and most things CAD in general, but have been using Cabinetvision for a decade or so. I’m trying to figure out how to put an edge profile on round table tops and bases…Unlike a rectangle, I can’t find an edge to draw and then follow me around…

Thanks in advance.


Perhaps the easiest method is to change your approach. Draw the cross section of the top from the center out with the shape of the profile on the edge. Use a circle drawn on the same center at a path for Follow me.


Or you can use a combination of offset and move tool…


Cotty, that works if you just want a bevel. :wink:

You should turn on Profiles and set it to 1. :smiley:


Ok, it works only for a small subgroup of “edge profiles” :wink:


Thanks for the tip…at this point, anything helps!


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