A new way to Bevel edges in SketchUp

The built-in tools for rounding edges in SketchUp are…less than ideal. For simple models, using Follow Me or other standard tools for creating bevels may work but is rather tedious if not impossible for many real-world modeling scenarios.

I’d like to invite you to check out mind.sight.studios new (paid) extension called Bevel which is designed to making beveling edges and creating fillets easy and fun. A lot of work has gone into this plugin to make it powerful and easy-to-use and I think pretty much every SketchUp user will find it to be a huge time saver.


One especially cool and unique feature is the Live Non-Destructive Bevel feature which opens up a lot of interesting possibilities.


You can learn more about Bevel at the link below:

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this plugin and what we can do to make it even better. Thanks!


Thanks Dale! I just bought it. Looking forward to trying it.


Dale, it looks very nifty.

Ie … Wondering if we were to set the number of segments to 1, would we get chamfers ?

Yes, you will


You know how to create favorite tools, another masterpiece!


Bought it the other day as well.

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Looks great! Must think of getting it.

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Amazing, as always!

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Haven’t tried yet but I’m afraid that Fredo corner and round corner are going to have a serious contender.


I purchased it as soon as it was released. Please also introduce the concept of radius, in addition to offset, as a desired improvement.
Also, after the task, please add the “unhide” option for the offset line.


The workflow videos are mesmerizing.

I wonder if you can add this kind of interactiveness to other tools like Boolean.


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Way cool! What happens when you open such a file on iPad or web or another copy of desktop without the plugin present? Is the bevel gone or is it there but not editable?

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I will say after using Bevel and being a long time user of Round/Fredocorner that Bevel feels WAY different. It’s like a sculpting tool. Where Fredos tools feel more rigid or exacting, Bevel let’s you use your mouse or move geometry around. Plus, with the “live bevel” view, you can see your geometry with a bevel instantly applied.

So, yeah, despite them seeming to be similar, two very different approaches and feels. I personally will be using both!


I’d like to use inferences to determine the offset. It would be great to relate bevels with existing geometry, especially when we are using them not to add bevels but to actually build curved geomtry on corners.

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I really like this!


Once you have selected the edges you want to bevel with the tool, you can double-click to re-apply the last used offset setting (similar to other SketchUp tools like push / pull and offset)

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Great! Does that work with the component one also (the one with the dialogue box?)

that’s a cool way to implement already existing shortcuts. I’m pretty sure I used it yesterday without even noticing.

Hi damyoung - thanks for purchasing! What would be your use-case for this feature?

If you are asking whether you can auto-apply the same Live bevel offset across multiple components in sequence…then no, it must be set manually. This is by design but I can see that in certain situations, it is not desirable.

We chose to set the initial live bevel offset value to a small, yet visible value (I think 10 pixels). Otherwise, if the default offset is too large for the model, everything can blow up and look terrible resulting in confusion and the impression that the plugin isn’t working properly.

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