SketchUp Tutorial – How to Create Rounded or Beveled Edges and Corners

In this SketchUp tutorial, we’ll show you how to create rounded or beveled edges and corners in SketchUp using a SketchUp extension called FredoCorner:

To use FredoCorner, you’ll need to download and install two extensions from

  1. LibFredo6 -
  2. FredoCorner -

Be sure to watch and let me know if you have any feedback or questions!

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I think you should be mentioning it is a Commercial Extension, just to avoid confusion.
And being a little pedantic, you actually need to install 3 extensions to use it. You must have the Sketchucation tool itself to manage the license or it won’t work. I mention this because it is possible to download and install the other two without the sketchucation tool.


Just in case someone misunderstands, I feel a need to point out that a sketchUcation membership and their plug-in shop extension are free. They are needed because they implement the license system.


Thanks for the feedback - good points and we’ll keep these in mind when it comes time to update the video.

Another good point - thanks for taking the time to send that over. Really appreciate it!

Hello, can not find anything similar in the history.
Hope that you will understand me. I need to lean faces of the letter around 35 degrees.
Simple scale doesn’t work for it :frowning:
Can anybody tell me if it’s possible to do this for example by FredoScale?

Follow Me tool

Offset and Move tools

Fredo JPP

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I feel so stupid…I am not beginner :joy:. Mihai.s thank you so so much!!! And even more for 3 ways for it :blush: that’s the answer for my question.