A lot of trouble with my 2017 pro,


I have a lot of trouble with my 2017 pro, impossible to work. I didn’t use it since 2 months, I didn’t change anything on it.
It is really really long to open and most of time remain blocked at this point when I clic in the window to make an orbit or whatever (cf image) and I have to stop it (milky screen)… If I wait 15’ it works but take a lot of time between actions (ex: move or push/pull : long time to snap a point or a face, then another delay for the operation with sometimes a screen flash)
… Yes I know on my screenshot you see_1001 bit tool_ that is not supposed to turn with 2017 but it did very good until now and I try to uninstalled it and it was the same…

Did you heard about trouble since the big Windows updates in Europe because it is the only big change on my machine since last time I opened SU 2017 without any trouble?

Thank you for any info.


It is possible the update to windoze changed the link to the graphics card… In SU go to Preferences>Open GL>graphics card details–see if your 6800 is listed, if not go to the AMD preferences for the card and link the card to SU.


Thank you RLGL my 6800 is listed.


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