A different color between Sketchup and Photoshop

Hi. What is wrong?

SketchUp renders surfaces as shaded lighter or darker depending on their orientation to the camera, to give the illusion of 3D. To disable this open the shadows window and check Use Sun for Shading. Try placing both sliders at 100.
Attach your file SketchUp here so we can take a look at exactly what is happening.

3d-model.skp (9.7 MB)

3D Model sketchup file.

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Still a different color.

![Sketchup Problem2|690x300](upload://7IXTs3d7vgFXjWMMa9HGi3nYA33.jpeg)

Ok so you can solve this by adjusting sun for shading and light and dark until you get a match.

But then you are locked into viewing the model with those lighting settings. I would be more inclined to solve the problem like this. Paint the surrounding surfaces with the same texture blown up so large that only the solid color is seen. Then you can still keep shading and shadow adjustments available.

I’ll make the texture in Photoshop.

What I did for a problem like that is make a “decal” of sorts. In Photoshop, select all of the background color and delete it to make transparent, but the text/logo remains opaque color. Bring into SketchUp as PNG to preserve transparency and achieve all of the background color in SketchUp, not Photoshop.

I did that with the logo here:

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Thank You.

I had the same idea but there is a standard flicker problem.


That would be Z-fighting between the transparent PNG and the background plane. To make that method work you need to float the transparent PNG label a tiny bit, say 5mm, in front of the wall behind it.

I know but how to do thad with PNG ? Move tool is hard to use with PNG on the texture.

You have the transparent .png set up with the edges of hidden correct? You should be able to grab it with the move tool and reposition above the background surface, arrow key axis locking can help here. I dragged out this example of the same idea from a couple years ago.


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