A Compass Rose

This is an old thing I came across. Seems like it need a map.


Cool! What would the map be of? Perhaps a historical city or something? There’s a lot of carpentry that goes into making an old wild west town, so that might be something you’d be interested in.


Une feuille d’or étoilée ! Magnifique !

A creative direction that occurred to me (in wood working) is a wood feature wall, placed behind a reception desk - could be adapted to retail, commercial services, etc. Could be described as an illustration in wood.

The feature wall could include a terrain map or a flat map with designs included such as the compass rose.

In an oriental spa for instance, a smooth terrain map might work.

In a Eddie Baurer retail store, a world map might do.

That would go well on a lot of the fantasy maps I’ve seen. Maybe on a couple of my own.

Nice work :slight_smile: