90 degree angle on tubing how to

I want to create a 90 degree angle turn from tube representing conduit connection. How would I create this?

Did you intend to show fittings or just a continuous run of tubing with bends at the corners?


How about like this?


Use the Follow Me Tool

Reiterating the shape perpendicular to path concept presented above…

I actually do intend on showing the fittings. How would I proceed without just using follow me on this?

Thank you. I do like how that looks


You didn’t say if this involves plastic, EMT or rigid conduit.
Nonetheless, the attached model demonstrates a general approach.

Model the ell and make it a Component.
With the geometry of the ell thus isolated; model the coupling directly upon the ell.
Make the coupling a Component.
Bring instances of the Components from the Components Browser to build of your conduit installation.

Conduit and Fittings.skp (137.2 KB)

As with any tool, you need invest some time in learning how it works and best ways to use it.
Here’s a good place to spend an afternoon: SketchUp Video Tutorials

A lot depends on how much detail you need to show, but basically, model one of each kind of fitting you need, and make components of them. Then you can make one tube component and scale instances of it to the length required for each straight run. Something like this:

By all means ask followup questions.



Thank you guys! I used the program about a year ago for the first time. I am actually HVAC contractor by trade, but am developing ideas and want to create as the idea comes together before it goes to professional for final touches. I began learning the program 2 weeks ago.

How would rigid conduit change on the design from PVC?


For all practical purposes you can model in SketchUp anything you can imagine.
The tools and techniques will vary depending upon the form of the object you wish to model.

When you don’t say exactly what you have in mind, we have to guess what you want to model.
Gully guessed straight conduit and pull ells.
I guessed a 90° sweep and straight couplings.

You’ll save us a lot of guessing and yourself a lot of time if you’ll provide a clear description.
Better still; attach a picture of what you want to model to your post.

Thanks. That is a very nice visual of how to creating piping. It was just what I needed.


They would be different in a couple of ways:

  • Fittings: Generally the geometry is a bit different between PVC and Rigid. But it shouldn’t be hard to model, just use a set of rigid fitting components instead of the PVC fitting components.
  • Threads: Rigid conduit is threaded (although you can cut off the threads and use threadless fittings.) This can cause a modeling problem because threads are geometry that has a high density of detail that can bloat your model. If you don’t need that detail, then just ignore the threads - don’t put them on either your pipe or your fittings.

@sjdorst no doubt an interesting answer, but it was asked 2 years ago.
Mind you good answers are always relevant.

Ack! Since the original post was one I had never read, it appeared as bold in my list and I just read from the top - admittedly paying NO attention to the dates!

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Hi, Sketchup in Architecture. Want a cornice to follow around the house. Inside and outside 90° Angles (corners).

It happens by chance. Done it at three corners - but no more chance.

How do I do that on a regular basis?

Thx, Thomas

Select the Path all around the house, then choose the Follow Me tool and click on the Profile.

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I drew the path above the building and then did what Box wrote.

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Thanks to both of you. @Box: Its what I have tried several times. On three corners it worked.
@ DaveR I’ll try that.