60days after updated license

When I updated SketchUp to 2016 on 17th November 2015, I didn’t know the fact that this article describes.

It has passed already more than 60 days since I updated to SketchUp 2016.
So I can’t migrate old SketchUp 2015 licence to another machine, can I?

[quote=“genki_tt, post:1, topic:21833, full:true”]So I can’t migrate old SketchUp 2015 licence to another machine, can I?

no, and btw why would you like to do that?

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You could have migrated it, (to another machine) and kept it’s license active, by not upgrading it.

Then on your “work” machine you would have had to purchase a complete new license for the full amount.

It seems many people confuse the newer subscription licensing scheme with old stand-alone version based perpetual licenses.

Let me put it this way. An upgrade covered by the small subscription fee (120US) does not increase the number of seats on which you can run SketchUp Pro. (You are simply upgrading one seat to run a newer version.)

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I want to keep old version(2015) with old OSX (mountain lion).

I could understood. Thanks for kind reply.

I just only say that I didn’t know 60 days rule when I upgrade 2015 to 2016.
It was my 7th upgrade since ver.5.
I’ve always upgraded at the nearly same date of release day as usual. :slight_smile:

still, why running an old version on a second system?

Some plugin doesn’t support 2016.
Some plugin need to update to work with 2016, need some cost.