5D+ Auto Info - New way to extract information from model

I’m writting an extension call “5D+ Auto Info” to help user extract information from model. I’m using Trimble Modus Framework for Dialog.

Download here:

1. Overview
5D+ Info is an extension for SketchUp that displays object information as a table format.

2. Features

  1. Display information of the selected object, continuously updated when the user selects or deselects objects.
  2. Ability to zoom and highlight each object being displayed in the information table.
  3. Ability to edit some information directly from table.
  4. Option to show/hide columns of information.
  5. Sort data by specified column.
  6. Find and Replace editable data.
  7. Link external image and display images in table.
  8. Export data table to Excel format included images from table (require Office 365)
  9. Support multiple languages: English, French, Portuguese, Slovenia, Thai, and Vietnamese.

3. How to use

  1. Select one or more objects to retrieve information.
  2. Open the Info table, you can set a shortcut command to open the table faster.
  3. Click on the column headers of the table to sort data in ascending/descending order.
  4. Click on the data rows to highlight objects in the SketchUp model.
  5. Double-click on allow cells to edit object 's information. Click outside to complete editing.
  6. Choose which columns to display, options will be automatically saved for next time.
  7. Enter keywords into the search box to filter information you want to display.
  8. Adjust display settings for units, decimal points, language, and currency. These settings will be automatically saved for next time.

Thank you very much.


The extension is reviewing by SketchUp Extension Warehouse team, it will be a free version.
I 'm adding Custom Attributes feature for Dynamic Components, but it may confuse user when they select multi DCs with different types once, please refer this video:

Could you please give me advice about this?


I have added ability to edit headers. The edit values will be saved until you clear edited value to revert back to default.

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Can this extension be used to generate and export a fully compliant IFC model?

Totally, yes. I can develope this features.

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If that’s the case then it would be invaluable indeed

Currently, you can extract these information from IFC file

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Is that the information retrieved after importing a Model?

Is that IFC info fully editable with your extension?

Can we edit the info of multiple objects in one go?

That specific model seems to have been imported from ArchiCAD as all groups/components axis are parallel to world axis and that’s typical from ArchiCAD.

Does exporting the IFC file back to archicad work well, after editing model and properties?

Is that the information retrieved after importing a Model?
Is that IFC info fully editable with your extension?
Can we edit the info of multiple objects in one go?

All yes, if you interest to try, PM me and I send you the extension.

Does exporting the IFC file back to archicad work well, after editing model and properties?

This is about Export of SketchUp, I don’t think SketchUp currently can export complete IFC attributes.

Well, @brewsky Jan Brouwer is developing an extension which tries to deal with Sketchup’s shortcomings in what regards IFC.

Maybe you can collaborate?

I’d love to test the extension, but at this point I’m not working in anything that could be used in that scenario.

If you want a tester at the moment, though, I can help within a limited timeframe.

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Nice work, I have also been thinking of creating something for tabular property editing.
My IFC manager should export all IFC properties, so if you could make all those editable that could make it a good combination!


I 'll try to add ability to edit all IFC properties that your plugin support.

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@brewsky From what I understood your plugin only deals with a BIM standard from the Netherlands, is this true?

Or can we somehow download and use other standards with your plugin?

I’m saying this because if @Cyentruk is going to develop his IFC properties based on your plugin, maybe this kind of flexibility would be welcome. If the flexibility is already there, then great!

The default setting indeed includes the Dutch NL-SfB classification, but there is also a German alternative(DIN 276-1) present and you can add your own sketchup classification (SKC) Classifying Objects | SketchUp Help. It’s also possible to disable the classification field.

The Dutch part is only for a classification. For all other properties I read the data from the IFC schema as it’s present in Sketchup.

I have been using @brewsky plugin for a long time and it complies perfectly with the IFC standard which is international. I use it in Spain and I don’t have any problem, my IFC files are perfectly displayed in most of the free IFC viewers.
In addition I have developed several plugins that insert the quantities to the IFC and his plugin exports it perfectly, in fact I make my budgets with bim5d tools with the ifc file generated by his plugin.
If you want to see my plugins you have them all here (some even in the extension store).



Thanks! I have yet to dive in into IFC and BIM. I just have notions.

Ot qould be great to have a tutorial on how to create standard IFC files from Sketchup. Do you know any?

@brewsky plugin does. It works perfectly. If you don’t have your model with the correct structure the plugin generate the right one.
Simplifying your outliner should be…

  • IfcSite (For example your terrain, not neccessary to be drawn) Necessary
    • IfcBuilding (The building wich has almost one Storey) Necessary
      • IfcBuildingStorey (Each level) Necessary
        • IfcDoor, IfcWall, etc. (Each of your components classified as Ifc)
          Captura de pantalla 2023-08-30 a las 15.11.05

I wrote a plugin auto convert SketchUp file to basic IFC, it based on layer system assigned to objects.

It will help you:

  • Auto Name for object if there is not exist follow layer name
  • Auto assign IFC Class follow layer name
  • Auto Outliner follow IFC Rules

I shared plugin and my sample files here:
SketchUp for BIM: Tutorial about IFC inside SketchUp - Tutorials / Requests & Discussion - SketchUp Community

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I will have to find the time to study this stuff

That is mighty interesting. Your plugin uses your layer organization thand converts objects to Ifc based on that?

Are there other means of organizing the model and autoconvert?

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