500 Origin Error?

In the last hour or so I’m not able to download files that are attached to forum posts. I get an error message saying, “500 Origin Error. The Origin server is not reachable or returns an error” On the chance that it’s on my end, I’ve tried another browser and another computer. I’ve also cleared caches. No luck.:

I was successful with a DWG about 20 minutes ago so whatever it is it doesn’t affect everyone. Can you see attached images?

No. I can’t see images in posts, even images I uploaded to my own posts. I got the error trying to download the same DWG you are referring to as well as several different SKP files.

I was having difficulty uploading files but no error

Well, apparently all I needed to do is write a post asking for help and the problem resolved itself. Sheesh!

Even sages need a little help now and again… ;p

Yep. Weird stuff.

Birds sitting on wires?

Maybe. But the wires are underground fiber.

I just noticed another thing. Both Chrome and Edge seem to think there’s something nefarious going on with the Community Forum. Both indicate the connection isn’t secure.

Could it be a HTTP 500 Internal server error?

Could be. Doesn’t seem to be a specific enough error for me to diagnose, though.

The generic HTTP error code 500 indicates an internal error in the web server that the server’s software couldn’t resolve to a more specific case (which would have returned some 5xx error code instead). It shouldn’t be due to anything on your end.

I had something like that a few days ago. It cleared up the next day. I thought it was a CenturyLink issue. Maybe it is the server the forum is on.

Dave, I hope you get well soon. Can’t have someone as valuable as you out of action in any way!

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