3D Warehouse 500 Error

Hey I’m using 2020 Pro as a student, and trying to load the 3D warehouse but Error: 500 keeps popping up. Any idea what this is?


Hi Anthony de Mesa,
Are you opening the warehouse from sketchup and are you looking for a specific model.
I hope I can help :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Thanks for reaching out! Yes I am opening it up from sketchup and just trying to browse different furniture/doors/windows.

Can you get to the main warehouse page or you can not even get there?

I just tried opening up again, and it is working! But no it wasn’t even opening up the main warehouse page, just straight to a blank window with Error 500 Try Again Later on it. Been trying for about half an hour, but it’s working normally again.


That error message indicates there was a problem connecting to the server. It could have been a connection problem anywhere between your computer and the 3D Warehouse server. Typically those connection problems don’t last very long so trying again later often “fixes” it.

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Thanks Dave