3D warehouse not working (Errors 500, 502 & 504)

Hi there!

I’ve had trouble getting into 3D warehouse both on my browser as in sketchup pro. At first I was able to search something but as soon as I clicked on something it went to error. Now my 3d warehouse just shows either a blank page or shows the home page but doesn’t do anything when searching something as if it were frozen…

I’ve gotten Error 500, error 502 and error 504 messages.
Tried clearing my caches and cookies but didn’t solve anything.

Is this a general bug?
How can I solve this?

I just tested and it works for me in Chrome.

We just pushed a new release and are seeing some stability issues in a few regions. Probably best to wait a few minutes and try again.

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Ah, explains it. I was also having trouble connecting this morning.

Works fine again today! thank you