3ds Max/vray importing into Sketchup

I am a exporting a simple moulding out of 3ds Max/Vray and importing into Sketchup. I don’t need the textures, cameras or lights, just the model. I have tried exporting as obj, fbx, 3ds and I am not having any luck while using FBX Converter.
Is there a video somewhere or info that could help me? I’m probably not picking the correct options while exporting. Thank you so much.

Have you tried as dwg?

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Hi francisquitof, I did just now try dwg and after adding the Multires modifier and collapsing layers, it brought the shape in! I am so excited about this!
Every line of the moulding shows in Sketchup. I did try Soften Edges. But it doesn’t delete all the lines I would like before hurting the shape.
I really need info to make sure I am using the correct settings when importing the dwg from 3ds Max. The Sketchup file has crashed twice.
Thank you for any assist.

Share the .dwg and your .skp file so we can see what you are working with.

Hi DaveR,
Here are the files I am working with. Is there any way to get a smooth color on the moulding? Thank you so much for your help!
Moulding DWG Import.skp (794.6 KB)
Profile exported from Sketchup.pdf (177.2 KB)
Moulding exported from 3ds Max.dwg (349.7 KB)

How are you using this molding in SketchUp?

When I opened the .skp file the softening looks fine. Is there something else you are trying to do?

I do see a lot of unneeded triangulation in your model due to the way you got it from the other application. This triangulation will impact the way materials will appear on the faces.

Running CleanUp3 shows this:
Screenshot - 7_6_2023 , 9_28_44 AM

It would be reduced further if you were to just use the profile and Follow Me.

Is there supposed to be a bulge at the bottom outside corner?
Screenshot - 7_6_2023 , 9_19_03 AM
Note there are holes in the ends in those bulgy areas.

There is but first we need to sort out the geometry.

Seems like you are doing a lot of unneeded work to get this into SketchUp in a useful way.

Hi DaveR,
Thank you for your help! I make photorealistic images for print and web sites with 3ds Max for the clients of the company I work for. They will want me to make Sketchup-made EPS files (for use in Adobe apps and web sites) to match the look of the 3ds Max generated images.

I was hoping not to have to build the moulding setups twice. An import that works would be perfect. I see you used Cleanup3? looks like I need to get that.

Could you tell me what steps you took to get the image you made? It looks great!

Also, is the bend in the molding supposed to be a quarter of a circle bend or non-circular? In your model it is not a constant radius bend.

CleanUp 3 didn’t reduce the geometry as much as it really needs to be reduced. You’d get cleaner geometry from a profile and Follow Me.

Which image?

The customer supplied me with cad files that I brought into Illustrator. I cleaned up what was not needed and exported to 3ds Max.

The top image is the one I would love to know how you got it look like that. My version brought into Illustrator did not look like that. See the PDF file I attached above.
Thank you

On the left is your version. On the right is mine made with a profile (without the bulge at the bottom corner) made with Follow Me. 27,121 entities in yours, 5171 entities in mine.

As for applying materials, I expect you should be looking at Thru Paint from Fredo6 (Sketchucation) as it will do a nice job if you need to apply a wood grain material as opposed to simple colors.

I just opened your SketchUp file and it looked like that. I didn’t do anything to it.

Don’t use a PDF export directly from SketchUp. Instead send the .skp file to LayOut, render it as Hybrid, and export the PDF from there.

This is a screen grab of a PDF from LayOut.

and the PDF file:
hand rail.pdf (190.5 KB)

I originally exported as an EPS from Sketchup. Opened it in Illustrator to see what I got and saved it as a PDF.

Looking at your thoughts on how to make the PDF, is there a better way to get an EPS file out of Sketchup? I need to make editable EPS files.
Thank you again!

Hi! Is it possible to use 2 imported DWG shapes for the Follow Me option? I’ve tried numerous time and can’t get the DWG profile to use the DWG path. If I try to draw the path, it doesn’t look right to me.
Thank you!
Moulding DWG Import and Follow Me.skp (2.6 MB)

Sorry. Just headed out the door but when I get back I’ll give you some pointers. The first thing you need to do, though, is set up the profile and the path correctly for Follow Me. Go to the Help articles and read about using Follow Me.

Will do, thank you!

I seem to be stuck again. I imported a dwg, rotated it to face the line for the Follow Me tool. I get a tiny red circle with a dash through it when I try to click on the moulding with the Follow Me tool.

Any thoughts please? Thank you
Imported DWG won’t Follow Me.skp (85.5 KB)

Explode the component you are using as a profile so you can select the face. Weld the edges of the railing ‘line’. Select the path, then select the face.

*It’s not solid.

Thank you 3DxJFD! That did it. Much appreciated!

Ais there any way to get it to not turn in on itself on that one curve?

Thank you again!

There probably is… but I don’t know how.

*I scaled this way up.

You can use Intersect Faces with Model and then erase the ‘extra’. If you use Solid Inspection, you can see the ‘extra stuff’ highlighted in red.

*Erase some of the pointy bits to get everything to highlight.

If you want the component to be solid there are some line segments on the botton of your profile that seem janky. Draw one line before using Follow Me, or erase those out and draw straight lines on each side.